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Our Focus is primarily on Customer Service followed by design and installation excellence.
Customer referral has always been our biggest generator of new work, If you have referred one of your friends or family here to us then on behalf of the team we’d like to thank you.
Like most Air conditioning companies we have access to a wide range of available brands both domestically manufactured and imported systems.
But that’s not what sets us apart from the rest.

Here at my T.Byrds, we are dedicated to our clients and the referral business it generates. If you have a great experience with us we know it will serve us also.
Our aim is to assist you in getting the best results for your specific needs.
We offer the best range in Ducted Reverse Cycle Air conditioning. We aim to give you total climate control of the spaces you live and work in.
With today’s technologies coupled with Australia’s growing demand for Air conditioning Systems, we are able to deliver a quality product which is energy efficient, quiet and reliable at a substantial cost saving to you.
At T.Byrds air conditioning Concord NC, we listen and tailor the product to your needs.

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Heating and cooling can be zoned so you can heat and cool spaces within your home as needed.
Reverse Cycle Air-conditioners refrigerate and they also dehumidify for summer comfort, this is ideal for humid climates. During winter they heat efficiently and safely through the colder months.
We will provide you with detailed technical product information, please call and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air-conditioning systems
Ducted Evaporative Airconditioning systems
Ducted Gas heating systems
Wall split Systems
Room Air-conditioners

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