To make the port successful in the future, a number of options for redevelopment have been put forward. These include strengthening/rebuilding the dock walls and fitting suitable fendering, installing floodlights to allow 24 hour working, dredging the approach channel and berths to a suitable depth for vessels wishing to call.The port will be seeking grants from various sources to assist in financing the above projects. They are also considering inviting local companies with a vested interest in the ports’ success to invest in its’ redevelopment.

The port itself is working hard at increasing its’ productivity and views commodity sourcing as a means of achieving this.Research has shown that within a sixty mile radius of the port, there are a number of corporate specialising in raw materials or natural resources. They may well have their own marketing strategies, but the port would actively seek out new markets, charter vessels and ship the cargo.  The port is very interested in hearing from parties around the world and in the UK who are seeking new markets.Visit our contacts page for names and telephone/fax numbers of individuals to contact regarding new markets. Alternatively, visit our information request page and submit the details on-line. Whatever you have to say or ask, the port would very much like to hear from you.

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