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Another positive thing about this bed is that it can carry up to 400 pounds of weight but not too much. Contact our amazing mattress store in Charlotte NC today. If you will jump intentionally on the bed then it will really burst flat and may require you to have a replacement. However, the price of this bed is really reasonable so it is going to be easy to buy a new one.

This is definitely one good buy considering all the things that it is offering from durability up to comfort.

Long Lasting King Size Air Mattress

This bed can last a very long time and can be used for almost everything and anywhere you like. This product will also give you ease in using as it can be easily set up by inflating at a fast rate. This will let you have an instant bed. Storage is also not going to be a problem as these can easily be folded and stores instantly.

Made of the Best Material

If you don’t like to sleep on rocky surfaces during camping then the king sized Coleman Quickbed will suit you best and can fit a 4-man capacity tent. And having a soft surface made out of felt material, you will certainly have additional comfort sleeping even at the wilds.


Shop our selection of mattresses at ! We offer an extensive variety of memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, spring mattresses and air mattresses! Latex is the newest trend in the bedding industry, latex foam is made from the sap of rubber trees, so latex beds are made with all natural and sustainable materials. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA and it is now taking the bedding industry by storm as well! Visco elastic memory foam molds to your body heat and contours to your body’s curves to make your sleep experience essentially weightless.
We offer a great selection of Adjustable Beds, and Adjustable Bed Sets. Adjustable beds are great for orthopedic support. Sleeping with your head elevated can help improve blood circulation and put less pressure on your back during sleep. We offer split king and queen adjustable beds so you and your partner and adjust your head or feet, or keep the mattress flat. We offer adjustable beds with massage, wireless remotes and more! Shop our selection of adjustable beds right here .

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